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Avocado Raw Honey

Avocado Raw Honey



Avocado raw honey is characteristically very dark, with a strong but delicious taste. Avocado raw honey is classified as a premium honey and according to many nutritionists, has one of the richest contents of vitamins, minerals, flavonols, flavonoids and anti-oxidants of all the various honeys of the market.


    The avocado is a tree long thought to have originated in South Central Mexico, classified as a member of the flowering plant family Lauraceae. The fruit is not sweet, but distinctly and subtly flavored, with smooth texture. It is used in both savory and sweet dishes.


    The avocado is popular in vegetarian cuisine as a substitute for meats in sandwiches and salads because of its high fat content. Many of the qualities of the fruit are also contained in the honey from Avocado flowers.


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