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Palm Raw Honey

Palm Raw Honey



Palm honey is very rich in vitamins and minerals, meaning that the Honey produced from palm flowers is not only delicious to eat, but has also excellent health benefit! Thick, very sweet and golden in color, it is an ideal sweetener for almost every application, including coffee, tea, cereal, yogurt, smoothies, baking, and even Ice Cream!


    Honey bees have a close symbiotic relationship with the flowering palms that go back many millions of years, with Palm pollen been a major food source for developing baby bees. They are almost everywhere you look in the Keys, which is why they are part of our logo. There are Coconut Palms, Royal Palms, Queen Palms, and Sabal Palms to name a few. Some of the smaller and rarer species only exist in State Parks, but our bees actively seek them all out.


    Most palms are known for an amazing ability to extract the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals out of their environment. In the Keys there are no shortages in either soil quality or water, so an abundance of vitamins and minerals is passed on to the palm trees flower nectar, which eventually translates into the honey itself.


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